Tarot Reading with Diana Crawshaw


30 minute telephone reading combining Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology, catered to your present situation.


Diana has been a professional palm reader since 1973 and Wilde Ones’ official tarot reader and astrologer since 1999.

Video: In conversation with Diana & Lilo: Tarot as Guidance and Spiritual Tool
(featuring health & lifestyle expert Lilo Ask-Henriksen)
Click here to view the full video
(And if you like the stunning Navajo rug featured as backdrop you can find it here!)

“When we do a reading together, looking into the future, with the tarot cards and the palms of your hands as tools, we have a picture forming. Sometimes you may have a question, or just want to see what comes out. Sometimes we both get a surprise, because a hitherto hidden or unexpected factor emerges, which explains why things are happening the way they are. The position of the planets is a very important factor for everyone and it helps to see the influence they have on our lives at the moment, why things are happening as they are and when obstacles will be removed or when they will occur so we can handle them. Money, love and health are the main areas that occupy our minds and rule our lives and are influenced by the planetary line ups in the sky, whether we like it or not. A reading with me can be helpful and illuminating, so it can prepare and help strengthen and equip you mentally for your life ahead.”
     Diana Crawshaw

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