Psychic Reading with Andie Hudson


Andie Hudson has been Wilde Ones’ official psychic reader since 2005.
Andie is a natural born psychic, healer, crystal and colour therapist. Her vast experience and rich skillset allow her to provide her clients with exceptionally astute and personalised readings, focusing particularly on relationships, career and financial matters. Andie also helps clients with mental health and anxiety issues by teaching them solid reliable relaxation and meditation practices. 

*As featured on Sky TV and Channel Five*
Private readings with Sky TV and Channel Five psychic healer Andie Hudson. Andie is a highly qualified and experienced healer, psychic counsellor, teacher, TV presenter and colour therapist. She is one of the most dynamic and innovative healers working in the field of mind body spirit today.

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Latest Customer Testimonials:

The energy of our customers can guide you! After a psychic reading we encourage our customers to leave frank & honest feedback. Here are some of those received for Andie Hudson:

“The most uplifting guidance I’ve ever had I’ve had many readings from many readers. Andie is so easy to talk to and so kind with her words! I’m so glad I had a reading from her, just something about how she speaks is so soothing and calm I feel like I’m at peace just by chatting to her, thank you for the amazing reading x” – User 751

“I have had a reading with Andie today, I have spoken to her previously and she has always been insightful. As always she helped me enormously today. I was tearful and needed direction when I called. Andie put me at ease, gave me good advice, and I felt much more able to cope after my reading. Keep up the fantastic work Andie – Love Sue” – User 2265

“I have just had a most brilliant uplifting reading from Andie. Have changed my profile name as you suggested. A big thank you once again xxx” – User 1959